Plasti-Tone™ Inks

Plasti-Tone™ Inks
Plasti-Tone™ inks are made from premium ingredients and exhibit highly consistent and predictable batch-to-batch performance and quality. No additives are required for excellent results on and off press. Shelf-life is virtually unlimited.

Plasti-Tone™ Blacks
Plasti-Tone™ Black inks are available in two production versions, which are subtle variations in formulation that allow for individual preferences, all at the same price. Additionally, we offer a special high-strength Concentrated Black, which may be used to mix with left-over color inks to easily recycle these inks on-site, as well as a special fine-pigment Photo Black, used to print very fine lines and shading. We do not offer “low cost” or “economy” black inks. However, we do offer options on packaging for production blacks that allow for better prices on the same high quality products..

Plasti-Tone™ Base Colors
Our Plasti-Tone™ Base Colors are our "stock" colors. These also form the database for our Plasti-Tone™ Base Color Matching System--at no additional cost--and may be used alone or in any combination. Base Colors are monochromatic (single pigment) inks, so that when used for mixing, only the desired color is involved. Our Plasti-Tone™ Base Colors enable us to match virtually any shade, whether it’s provided on any ink matching system chip, previously printed materials, or even a swatch of fabric.

Plasti-Tone™ Fluorescent Colors
Engraving inks offer our graphic design customers unique tactile effects as well as a color selection unmatched by any other printing process. Our Plasti-Tone™ line also includes eight bold, clean, intense Fluorescent stock colors that can be used individually or mixed in any combination to achieve a wide range of specified colors. They may also be mixed with many of our regular colors, giving them added brightness. Like all Plasti-Tone™ inks, our Fluorescent colors feature the best possible performance, shelf life and value in the engraving industry.

Plasti-Tone™ Metallic Colors
Our metallic shades are the perfect tool to illustrate engraving's unique visual and tactile effects. Plasti-Tone™ Metallic Colors also feature eight stock colors that can be used separately or mixed in any combination to match a wide range of specified colors

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