Gold-Tone® Inks

Nothing highlights the unique visual and tactile effects of engraving better than metallic inks. Gold-Tone® inks are used by more engravers world-wide than all others combined. They are available in the widest assortment of stock shades as well as unique custom blends. Gold-Tone® inks have the best overall record for remaining tarnish-free, stamping smooth and delivering brilliant color. They are manufactured in three different vehicle systems: Original, Formula-2 and Premium, depending on the type of work and application. This allows for the greatest flexibility and creativity in the engraving process. We can also match a wide variety of custom metallic shades.

Original is the ink that put Buzz Sales Company in the forefront of engraved metallics more than 50 years ago. It requires a porous surface to adhere, but delivers a strong, resilient impression that burnishes well.

Formula-2 was developed for scholastic and recognition engraving (graduation announcements, diplomas, certificates) that often requires the ink to adhere to a foil (uncoated) background. It is a more viscous ink that burnishes well and has excellent brilliance.

Premium is our most popular metallic ink today, as it stamps smoothly on the first run, allowing the necessity to burnish less often. It also adheres well to many kinds of ink backgrounds and various stocks, and has a very high level of brilliance.