Color Matching Expertise

Buzz Sales Company is the undisputed leader in providing accurate and consistent color matching and custom color. The Plasti-Tone™ Base Color Matching System is the only computerized color-matching tool available to the engraving industry. It is available to our clients completely free of charge and has enabled us to compile a library of thousands of color formulations, allowing us to respond with great speed and accuracy to requests for special color matches. Requests for matched colors are typically processed and samples generated within 24 hours.

The Color Library

Our computer library is used to record all new colors that are produced. Each time a new color is scanned into the computer, a Library Search is made to find out if the color has been produced previously. The computer will provide several examples of mathematically similar colors as well. This not only prevents the duplication of colors, but often a similar existing color can be slightly adjusted to make a good match in a short amount of time. It also enables us to cross-reference existing colors to various other color systems.