50 Years of Innovation

In more than 50 years as a supplier to the engraving industry, Buzz Sales has witnessed extraordinary changes to the graphic arts and the engraving industry in particular. We have always recognized that while the engraving process is uniquely suited to premium communications, keeping the process competitive is essential to its future. Throughout our history, we've continually worked to develop new and better products to enhance this unique printing process.

Engraving Inks

Buzz Sales' proprietary products include Plasti-Tone™ black and color inks, and Gold-Tone® metallic inks, which are used by engravers around the world to produce the finest engraved products. Buzz also produces specialty inks, including Plasti-Toneā„¢ Fluorescent Colors and Plasti-Tone™ Metallic Colors, for their distinctive and unusual applications. As a service to our customers, we also offer highly specialized color matching capabilities designed to match virtually any custom color.

Our inks are also well suited for bordering and edging applications with the added benefit of exactly matching any engraving that may also be part of the work.