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The New Age™ Intaglio Imager

Buzz Sales Company has spent several years developing and patenting state-of-the art technology designed to reinvent the intaglio printing process. The New Age™ Intaglio Imager and INTAG™ Plate Material were developed specifically for this application, making it possible to produce high quality plates faster, less expensively and without film or chemicals of any kind. This new equipment is technologically sophisticated, user friendly and environmentally responsible.

The New Age Intaglio Imager is a laser engraver. It is a modular component in a modern, computer-based graphic arts pre-press arrangement. From a PC or Macintosh front-end running graphic arts application software, data is sent electronically to a Raster Image Processor (RIP), a dedicated computer running special software that prepares the computer file generated in the application software for high resolution output. This output is then sent to the Imager, which directly engraves the plates. The Imager also allows exceptionally fine control of the engraving in a variety of aspects for optimum plate performance on press.

The advantages of this exciting new technology is plate production that is fast and clean, with none of the peripheral activities normally associated with the acid etching process: No films, chemicals or chemical handling; no testing, tweaking or monitoring of etching baths; no scrubbing of fumes and no environmental liabilities.