Printed With Water-Base Ink

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Engrave For The EnvironmentInternational Engraved Graphics Association

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Water-Based Engraving Inks by Buzz

As the environmental impact of global commerce and industry has become more obvious to everyone, we believe that every business should participate in mitigating these effects. As a manufacturer of 100% water-based inks, Buzz Sales Company understands and embraces the concerns about protecting the environment and we are continually striving to do our part to be as neutral as possible in how we conduct our business. Toward this end, we proactively seek to develop new products and procedures within our organization to help to reduce or eliminate any negative impact on the environment in effective and meaningful ways.

Water-based Engraving Inks by Buzz are a breed apart from most all other inks for printing, even soy-based inks. For more than 50 years our inks have played an integral role in making intaglio printing (engraving) the most environmentally friendly of all printing processes. We have pioneered the use of environmentally preferable solutions in our industry and we are putting our beliefs and our ideas to work:

  • We manufacture only 100% water-based, solvent-free inks.
  • Our inks are Very Low-VOC or VOC-Free, non-toxic and non-polluting.
  • Our manufacturing processes have been designed to virtually eliminate all production waste.
  • Our water effluent has been approved as non-toxic and non-polluting and we partner with local authorities to ensure that we remain compliant with current and any new regulations or standards.
  • We have implemented new, energy efficient methods in our plant and equipment.
  • All interior lighting is fluorescent. Exterior lighting is LED and switched by photo cell.
  • Large volume liquid raw materials are received in bulk and stored in reusable containers.
  • All incoming corrugated cartons and packing materials are either reused or recycled.
  • All of our ink products are packaged in reusable, recyclable plastic containers.
  • All of our products that require cartons are shipped in recyclable corrugated cartons.
  • We match color using a computerized matching system that significantly reduces waste during the color development process. This system is also available at no cost to our customers for on-site color matching.
  • Our facility actively recycles paper, corrugated, metals, glass and plastic.
  • All obsolete and non-usable office electronics are recycled and all expended copier and printer cartridges are returned to their respective manufacturers for recycling or recycled to secondary providers for re-use.
  • We keep our manufacturing facility warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter and utilize 24/7 programmed temperature management.

Solvent-based inks, used in most all other forms of printing, contain inherently high levels of VOCs, which are linked to ozone depletion and air pollution. They also create issues in the de-inking processes used to recycle printed paper. Water-based engraving inks are relatively easy to de-ink.

Environmental concerns about printing don’t end with just the choice of paper. Having your identity materials and other graphics engraved is the best choice to be the most environmentally responsible. Specifying water-based inks by Buzz further affirms that choice and your commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable world.